Large capacity air cleaner

Rapid cleanliness even in large spaces

Enhancement of fine dust collection filter, the core of air purifier (compared to other companies)

7 stage compound filter system without worry of fine dust


Not only fine dust, but also smoking, cooking in the kitchen,

Volatile organic compounds and molds from building materials and furniture

Seven stages of filtration and purification system ensures seamless removal.

Convenient installation

With wall and stand

Convenient installation is possible

Air purifier thought to interior

Main Unit Control Panel

Remote Control Operation Panel

Low noise BLDC Fan Motor   Refreshing and comfortable sleep

Long life, low noise, high output BLDC Motor

A good night's sleep.

Usable to a large space of up to 5,000 SQ FT

(However, if the air pollution level is low, refer to the efficiency class table for the standard usage area.)

Easy conversion and installation with wall and stand type Suitable for small and medium spaces.

Easy and simple filter replacement

Large Capacity Air Purifier SIZE

Model : KAP16W1200H12(13)

Model : KAP14W1200H12(13)

Korea Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. has been producing and manufacturing a variety of air conditioners (water-cooled air conditioning and air conditioners, refrigerant EHP / GHP air conditioners, new and renewable hybrid air conditioners, ceiling air conditioners, direct air conditioners, medium and large air conditioners, air conditioning / industrial blowers, etc.) for more than 30 years. Professional supplier.

The company has excellent technology, human resources and distribution network.

Puroslim is the fruit of our efforts to create a more calm and fresh indoor environment from the fine dust and indoor air pollution that has been intensifying in recent years. It is an air purifier that was released after thinking and reflecting from the customer's point of view.


Conventional air cleaners are limited in space to be installed on the floor, but "Puro Slim" is an air purifier that is thought of as an interior in the form of wall hangings (optional).


Korea Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. operates headquarters, Pyeongtaek factory, OEM factory in Guangdong province of China, and domestic development research institute. All the products produced are thoroughly managed.

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For exchange and return, please contact the customer center within 7 days of receiving the item. There may be a cost in A / S due to customer negligence and carelessness (disruption, damage, overvoltage, etc.).

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